EXCITING NEWS! We’ve just launched ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Lead Generation

This means you can access all Wealthify Lead generation packages – with $0 to pay for 3 months on leads. Happy days!

  • Mortgage Broker leads
  • Financial Adviser leads
  • Property Investor leads
  • SMSF leads
  • They’re all included!

For more info on how it works, plus the eligibility criteria, request an info pack.

*Conditions apply. Subject to approval.

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Wealthify Lead Generation FAQs

  • Do you guarantee my quota of leads?

    YES. You will always get the quota of leads you have paid for, even if for some reason we can’t deliver them within a calendar month.

  • What can I do to move 'warm leads' into 'hot leads'?

    Diairse follow ups and implement religiously. Consider providing a ‘special offer’ to encourage a meeting. After the initial Wealthify campaign you should also add all leads to your internal customer database for ongoing email marketing.

  • What is the conversion rate of the leads?

    Conversion rates vary significantly depending on the experience and skill of the mortgage broker or financial adviser. We have observed a range of 10% to 47% conversion to appointment in past campaigns.

    Open up a chat on the wealthify website and we’ll gladly explain the conversion rates in more details with you.

  • Do Wealthify provide any tools or support to help with my conversion?

    When you subscribe you will receive a ‘welcome pack’ that includes phone scripts, and a detailed lead management guide, plus access to our ‘Wealthify Academy’ with tons of resources and tips for converting online leads into sales for your business.