For Businesses

How can a listing on a directory site like Wealthify help promote my business?

Directory sites are a proven way for increasing the online visibility and reach of the businesses who list on them. Aside from providing access to a new possible audience, a listing on Wealthify provides the opportunity for a ‘backlink’ to your own website. This helps with your ‘search engine optimisation’ (SEO), which can deliver more web traffic and enquiries for your business.

Wealthify is also a ‘ratings and reviews’ site for financial services. Ratings and reviews are a powerful mechanism for building trust and establishing a great online reputation for your organisation. The more reviews a business is able to obtain on a site like Wealthify, the more likely it is to attract new customers.

Do I have to pay to use Wealthify?

No, but a paid listing package will give you a higher profile on the site and may also deliver better search results for your business on search engines like Google. Wealthify has a basic free listing, but also Gold Package $49 per month and Platinum Package for $89 per month. Refer to our pricing plans for full details & package benefits.

Can I review my own business?

No you cannot. Only people external to your financial services organisation who have experienced the business as a ‘customer’ are permitted to provide a review on Wealthify.

How do I take control of an existing Wealthify listing of my business?

If a Wealthify user has already made a listing of your business, you can ‘claim’ it to take control of the listing. Control of the listing means you can manage the listing and edit important information pertaining to your business. To check if there is a listing of your business already on Wealthify, enter your location plus the business name and search Wealthify. Select the business, click ‘claim’ and follow the process from there. Our verification team may then contact you to verify the ownership of the business.

For Wealthify Members

How to sign up?

If you have an existing account on Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn, you can sign up to Wealthify in minutes using social log-ins. However, if you want to register with a new account via email then joining is also easy. Just click ‘Sign Up’ in the home page, put your information details, and you’re good to go.

How to submit a listing?

Submitting a business listing on Wealthify is simple. Just go to ‘Submit Listing’ tab and follow the prompts. You will be asked a few information about the listing you are about to create. You can add as much or as little information as you want. After you made a listing, it will be available to be viewed publicly and reviewed by fellow Wealthify users. NB; Only the actual business can ‘claim’ any listing about their organisation.

How do I edit my account details?

You can edit your account details by logging in and going to ‘Account Settings’ tab. Click ‘Edit My Profile’ and edit the details you want to change.

Does Wealthify accept commissions from businesses who list on the site?

No. Wealthify never accepts commissions or provides financial product advice,  nor do we ‘arrange’ or ‘deal’ in any financial service. Wealthify is a publisher of information only. We generate revenue from paid ‘premium’ listings which offer businesses more features, and also from the fees paid by businesses who choose to purchase additional financial services marketing products sold in the Wealthify online shop.

Wealthify General Information

Who does the reviews in Wealthify?

Consumers write the reviews on Wealthify. In order to post reviews, you must be a customer of the financial services provider you are reviewing. Whether you have a good experience or not, your review will be beneficial to other Wealthify users and will give them an idea of what the service might be like for the money or finance business they are interested in.

Why should I use Wealthify?

Wealthify allows you to search more easily for financial businesses in your area. Because Wealthify listings are reviewed and rated by consumers, it can be easier to find the good people in financial services. Wealthify members may also get access to discounts and promotional deals offered by the different financial service providers who list on the site.

Is Wealthify safe to use?

Yes. Wealthify respects your privacy and will not sell your data. Please refer to our privacy policy for how we handle your information.