Financial Adviser Leads – MICRO Pack

Here’s what you get:

  • 10 leads per month
  • Branded landing page
  • CRM log-in
  • Smartphone app
  • Geo-targeted to your city/region
  • Basic lead alerts
  • Online chat support
  • 1 x auto responder email to leads
  • Custom phone scripts
  • Lead management guide
  • Access to ‘Wealthify Academy’ site
  • MINIMUM 3 MONTH CONTRACT (see below)
PRICE: $219 per lead + ($695 one time
set-up fee)

$2,190.00 / month and a $695.00 sign-up fee

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Three month contracts on small monthly lead volumes are part of our new Rewards Club program. Please download the Rewards Club Info Pack to find out more.

If you need financial adviser leads in a hurry, then our ‘pay as you go’ lead generation subscription is the answer.

Wealthify has put all the pieces together, and will manage the entire lead generation process for you as a subscription service. With our MICRO Pack you’ll get financial adviser leads generated in the name of your business, delivered straight to your inbox!

How do we do it? We use in-house templates and strategies proven to work on Facebook and Google over countless campaigns, and provide the core digital marketing competencies required for success:

1. Creative direction
2. Copywriting
3. Web Design
4. Conversion optimisation

In our experience, financial advisers are good at providing advice but most struggle with the skills required to generate financial advice leads. It’s no wonder then that many advisers who have a go themselves fail, then give up in frustration unable to pinpoint why.

If this sounds like you, or your simply don’t have the time to generate your own leads, Wealthify can help. Financial advisers can now avoid the capital cost of establishing a lead generation infrastructure and instead simply ‘rent’ by the month all the elements required for successful online lead generation:

  • Landing page templates
  • Ad copy & campaign management
  • FREE Gift ‘lead bait’
  • Auto-responder messages
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform


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Are your Financial Advice leads genuine?

Yes they are. All Wealthify financial planning leads ‘opt in’ voluntarily and must a) answer screening questions and b) validate their mobile phone number before becoming a lead for you. If they don’t answer all the questions and verify their number they don’t become a lead.

That’s not to say however, that every lead is ‘ready to transact’ right at this very minute. Targeting leads by where they are in the ‘buying journey’ is impossible. Any other financial adviser lead generation company who says they can do this is full of ‘BS’.

How are you different to other Financial Services Lead generation companies?

In the world of lead generation, you get what you pay for. Wealthify is a premium financial services lead generator:

  • All lead quotas are guaranteed (if you pay for 20 leads, that’s what you’ll get)
  • We collect more data on each lead (up to 7 fields of information)
  • We use mostly Google (Facebook mortgage leads are notoriously disengaged)
  • All leads are generated under your brand name
  • Dedicated account manager + support help desk
  • We NEVER recycle or re-sell leads

Operating since 2016, we have generated thousands of leads and run campaigns for hundreds of mortgage brokers & financial advisers. We’ve done workshops and webinars with the MFAA, and many aggregators. We’re not perfect (who is?), but we are reputable, experienced and competent. We care about the result you get and will work with you to help ensure you get a good ROI.

Why are your Financial Adviser leads more expensive than others I have seen advertised?

See question 2, above. Yes you will find cheaper options than Wealthify leads in the market if you look hard enough – we’re not for everyone. But most likely those leads will be generated mostly from Facebook with only a name & email, & non-validated mobile number or ‘recycled’ from old databases.

If you are looking at other (cheaper) options, do your research & ‘buyer beware’ If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Where do you get your Financial Advice leads from

We primarily use Google Ads to drive web traffic that gets turned into leads for financial advisers (you). Any experienced lead generator or digital marketing agency knows leads from Google are generally way more engaged than Facebook leads, and more likely to be actively looking to use your service.

How do you generate your leads for Financial Advisers?

  1. We build a high-performance branded landing page for you
  2. We drive targeted traffic (from Google) to the page
  3. They have to answer all 7-8 questions and verify their number via SMS pin code.
  4. You then receive an email notifying you of your new lead.

Then it’s your job to call them ASAP and convert 😊

Where are the Financial Planning leads located?

You choose! We can geolocate your leads anywhere in Australia usually down to a 15 km radius.

How long does it take to get the leads flowing?

As soon as we go live with the campaign and depending on the type of campaign, we are running, its normal to get your first leads that day.

Do the leads know they’re going to get a call from a Financial Adviser?

Yes they do. When they verify their mobile number a message on screen alerts them they will be getting a call from you. Our system also sends them an email to same effect, so it’s unlikely they will miss both.

What type of financial advice are your financial planner leads looking for?

You will get a mix of the market that typically includes people looking for help with one or more of the following:

  • Superannuation
  • investment advice
  • wealth creation
  • pre-retirement planning
  • personal risk insurance

What if I specialise in a niche area of financial planning or I want to target a particular product. Is this possible?

Yes this is possible but this will require a ‘custom campaign’ and fees might be different depending on search terms traffic, and volume of leads your looking for.

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