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Property Leads Australia – MAXI Pack

$5,920.25 / month and a $595.00 sign-up fee

Here’s what you get:

  • 35 x property leads per month
  • SMS-validated mobile numbers
  • Up to 10 data points on every lead
  • 100% exclusive lead ownership
  • Branded landing page
  • CRM log-in
  • Smartphone app
  • Geo-targeted to your city/region
  • Basic lead alerts
  • Online chat support
  • 1 x autoresponder email to leads
  • Phone scripts
  • Lead management guide
  • Access to ‘Wealthify Academy’ site
PRICE: $199 per lead

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NOTE: lower prices for property leads Australia are available for three-month contracts as part of our Rewards Club program (50% discount off set-up fee + 9 x Bonus FREE leads). Contact us for the coupon code to claim your discount.

Are you a property developer or an investment property marketing company that needs to buy property leads in Australia? Our ‘pay per lead’ lead generation subscription is the answer.

Wealthify has put all the pieces together and will manage the entire lead generation process for you as a subscription service. With our MAXI Pack, you’ll get property leads generated in the name of your business, delivered straight to your inbox!

How do we do it? We use in-house templates and strategies proven to work on Facebook and Google over countless campaigns, and provide the core digital marketing competencies required for success:

1. Creative direction
2. Copywriting
3. Web Design
4. Conversion optimisation

In our experience, Australian property marketing companies and developers are good at educating investors and finding them the right property but struggle with the skills required to generate property leads. It’s no wonder then that most property professionals who have a go themselves fail, then give up in frustration unable to pinpoint why.

If this sounds like you, or your simply don’t have the time to generate your own leads, Wealthify can help. Property marketers can now avoid the capital cost of establishing a lead generation infrastructure and instead simply ‘rent’ by the month all the elements required for successful online lead generation:

  • Landing page templates
  • Ad copy & campaign management
  • Auto-responder messages
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform

NOTE: a one-off set up fee of $595 applies (unless you have a coupon code for discount)


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