Are you eligible for discounted wholesale leads?

Make an enquiry to see if you are eligible for wholesale leads at a discounted rate. Experience the technology we will use for your campaign. You'll see why it's so powerful!

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Cheaper Leads, Increased Performance

Wealthify Wholesale leads are a new product which enables businesses to leverage economies of scale and campaign efficiencies avaliable with larger lead volumes.

Wholesales leads utilise a hybrid pricing model is designed to maximise campaign performance while incentivising us to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Campaigns are therefore more scalable and have a reduced average cost per lead (when compared to our retail leads)

With a focus on scalability and customisation, our model ensures that your campaign receives the bespoke attention it deserves.

Why our leads are superior.

Phone Numbers

All mobile phone numbers are validated by our SMS pin code technology. If you get a fake number, we'll replace it!

Up to 10 data points
on each lead

Our lead generation landing pages ask the user a series of relevant questions. You receive valuable data insights on every lead.

100% Exclusive
Lead Ownership

We never recycle or re-sell leads. All leads are generated under your brand, and you enjoy 100% exclusive ownership of the leads.

Local Support
Desk Team

Enjoy access to an online help desk  manager, and all mobile phone numbers are validated by our technology with an SMS pin code. If you get a fake one, we'll replace it!  


Want leads targeted to your district, town or region? No problem. Custom geo-location is a feature of every campaign.

All Lead Quotas

When you purchase a pack of leads at a fixed price we guarantee you will receive your quota. even if we lose money on the campaign.

These leads are perfect for :

Businesses with scale

Companies who want fast growth

Groups who need to a 'feed' of distribution network of agents

Lead resellers and other reseller marketing agencies

Aggregators, dealer groups, property groups, large law firm

And here's what brokers are saying...


Sanjay Nathoo - Melbourne

"Fantastic customer service. The team were able to generate consistent good quality leads target to my location. Will definitely be using again."

Sanjay Nathoo - Melbourne

Pei Li - Sydney

"Best leads generation service used so far.

I tried 4 different agencies already, varies from cold calling to Facebook. Among them all, Wealthify has the best leads quality and the best value in terms of cost per truly qualified lead. I highly recommend them."

Pei Li - Sydney

How Our Leads Generation System Work?

  • Select your plan

Schedule a consultation with Wealthify (so we can understand your business objectives & recommend the right law firm lead generation package).Choose the budget & lead volume your legal services business needs. Pay your first month's fee & sign-up to open your account.

  • Campaign set-up

Wealthify creates landing pages, a FREE eBook download, and your campaign advertisements – all branded with your logo. For this, we use templates and strategies developed in-house, tested and proven to work over thousands of leads generated for other clients.

  • Leads to your inbox

Targeted ad campaigns in the name of your business commence. You start receiving real financial services leads generated under your brand with name, phone number, & email address data. From there, it’s over to you to work your magic for a sale.

💯100% EXCLUSIVE ownership💯

Local Support Desk

Wholesale Lead Generation FAQs

  • How are you different from other Mortgage Lead Generation companies?

    In the world of lead generation, you get what you pay for. Wealthify is a premium lead generator:

    • We collect more data on each lead (up to 9 fields of information)
    • We use mostly Google (Facebook mortgage leads are notoriously disengaged)
    • For orders > 100 leads p.m leads can be generated under your brand name
    • Dedicated account manager + support help desk
    • We NEVER recycle or re-sell leads

    Operating since 2016, we have generated thousands of leads and run campaigns for hundreds of Australian businesses. We’re not perfect (who is?), but we are reputable, experienced and competent. We care about the result you get and will work with you to help ensure you get a good ROI.

  • How do you generate your leads?
    • We build a high-performance landing page
    • We drive targeted traffic (from Google) to the page=
    • They have to answer all 8-10 questions and verify their number via SMS pin code.
    • You then receive an email notifying you of your new lead.

    Then, it’s either your job to call them, or get one of our appointment setters to book you in with a meeting.

  • I’ve tried Facebook & Google before & it didn’t work, why will this be any different?

    Don’t worry, you’re not alone - we hear this a lot. Any business can pay to advertise online, but generating real leads from that advertising is much, much harder.

    It’s a very specialised skill that requires years of digital marketing experience. This is why most brokers & home loan companies fail. We’ve done hundreds of campaigns so the leads campaigns we’ll use for your campaign are proven to work, and highly evolved. But remember, if we can’t generate any leads then you don’t pay!

  • Where do you get your wholesale leads from?

    We primarily use Google Ads to drive web traffic that gets turned into leads for you. Any experienced lead generator or digital marketing agency knows leads from Google are generally way more engaged than Facebook leads, and more likely to be actively looking to use your service.

  • Do the leads know they’re going to get a call?

    Yes they do. When they verify their mobile number a message on screen alerts them they will be getting a call from a broker. Our system also sends them an email to same effect, so it’s unlikely they will miss both.

    Alternatively, you may choose to have an appointment setter call the lead and further qualify them. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and talk to our team.