July 15

Mortgage Broker Lead Generation Explained [VIDEO]


Exciting news today, as we release an ‘explainer’ video for our Wealthify Lead Subscriptions!

I know that most brokers find generating home loan leads to be a huge challenge. This video explains how our program of mortgage broker lead generation solves this probelm, and why it’s very different from other traditional providers of mortgage leads in Australia. Here are a few of the key points:

1.Fully branded lead generation.

Wealthify only ever generate leads in the name of your business, and under your credit license. By the time people respond to advertising we establish for a campaign, respondents have had up to three ‘touches’ of your brand already. This helps to improve your conversion rate.

2. 100% exclusive ownership

Any leads generated are exclusively yours and always remain on your database.

3.  Fast & Flexible.

You can start a campaign in as little as 48 hours, and you can stop or upgrade any time – there are no long term contracts.

I hope you like our ‘Mortgage Broker Lead Generation Explained’ video, and I welcome any comments or questions. Please feel free to share out on your social media!

Thanks, Darren


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