September 26

Bad Credit Mortgage Leads: Why We’re Launching A Non-Conforming Leads Product


I’m excited to announce that today we formally release a new product for Bad Credit Mortgage Leads. These lead generation campaigns offer lenders, aggregators, and brokers access to borrowers who are searching online for bad credit home loans or non-conforming lending solutions.

Why ‘non-conforming’ home loan leads are in demand

It’s no secret that the ‘credit impaired’ component of the Australian mortgage market continues to increase. And anecdotally,  we have noticed there are more brokers then ever specialising in ‘non-conforming loans’.

However, what’s most interesting is the Google search data. Google trends reveals that Australian search activity for bad credit loans hit an all time high in 2018:

Although it has receded somewhat in early 2019, it has again spiked recently and looks to be on the way back up again as the economy cools and consumers increasingly feel the effect of stagnant wage growth and cost of living pressures.

Given this growing market segment, we thought it was time to launch a mortgage leads product that was able to connect specialist non-conforming brokers with borrowers who need their services .

Many standard mortgage brokers are also interested to diversify into the non-conforming space, and our Bad Credit Mortgage Leads offers an easy way for them to gain entry to this market opportunity.

Our Bad Credit Mortgage Leads Product

To begin, we offer our bad credit mortgage leads in pack of 10 or 20 per month. Higher volumes can be ordered by arrangement.

non conforming home loan leads bad credit home loan leads

Please contact our account manager, Hami Renolds on 1300 41 00 81 to learn more about this product.

Regards, Ben


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