July 31

NEW! Referral Program: Earn Free Mortgage Leads & Financial Adviser Leads


I’m pleased to announce the launch of our new Wealthify Referral Program.

It’s an easy way to earn free mortgage leads or financial advice leads. Mortgage brokers, financial advisers and other industry members who refer new subscribers to Wealthify lead generation, will now receive bonus free leads themselves for the referral.

» Referral Program Graphic

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up to Wealthify lead generation as a referral partner.
  2. Get issued with your personal referral code.
  3. You refer a broker for mortgage leads (or an adviser for financial planning leads) to Wealthify
  4. They purchase a lead pack via our site and quote your referral code.
  5. You receive an allocation of bonus free mortgage leads (or free financial adviser leads), based on the volume of leads they purchased.

Here’s how many free leads referrers can get:

  • MICRO pack sale – 2 x free leads
  • MINI pack sale – 3 x free leads
  • MAXI pack sale – 4 x free leads
  • MEGA pack sale – 5 x free leads


Say you refer 3 different brokers to Wealthify for mortgage broker leads.

One broker purchases a MAXI pack, and the other two purchase a MICRO pack.

You would then qualify for 7 free leads, valued at approx $1,183!


  1. A purchase of leads by the referred party must be effected for the referral partner to qualify for any bonus leads.
  2. Bonus leads are issued only in relation to the first month’s purchase by the referred party. That is, if the referred party goes on to purchase leads for three consecutive months, the referrer will only receive bonus leads for the first month.
  3. Any bonus leads received by a referral partner are not redeemable for cash and must be redeemed within 6 months or the credit for the leads will lapse.
  4. Any credits for bonus leads received by referral partner under this scheme are non-transferrable without the express written permission of Wealthify.
  5. If the referral partner is NOT already an existing Wealthify subscriber, the referral partner must accrue a minimum credit of 5 bonus leads through successful referrals before Wealthify will create a new campaign for that referrer, otherwise, a one-off set up fee of $595 will apply.


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