March 14

Broker gets $9.5 million loan from online mortgage leads


EXCITING NEWS: we’re thrilled to announce that one of our broker subscribers to Wealthify mortgage lead generation recently snared a massive deal from our leads.

The home loan deal was for a whopping $9.5 million! The application was the largest mortgage deal ever for the bank in question – and it all came from Wealthify lead generation.

What the broker says

“This is the biggest home loan deal of my career. I’m a bit surprised it came through a lead generator like Wealthify, but it goes to show you that even high net worth borrowers are searching online”

How Wealthify generated the lead

This ‘jumbo’ mortgage loan came from one of the thousands of Google searches that occur every day. But it was no ‘lucky accident’.

Wealthify ran targeted advertisements on behalf of the broker that have been tested across hundreds of campaigns. We then directed the customer to our high-converting landing page (branded under the broker’s business name & ACL).

Both the strategic quality of the initial Google ad, plus the I.P and lead capture technology used in the Wealthify landing page were essential to acquiring this lead.

Serious digital marketing experience is required to achieve a result like this, and indeed the team behind Wealthify have generated 100,000+ leads for Australian businesses.

What can mortgage brokers learn from this?

The borrower is (obviously) a high net worth individual. In days gone by such a borrower would have been a closely held customer of one of the ‘private bank’ divisions of the big 4.

In addition, even five years ago it would have been very rare for such a high net-worth borrower to search for a mortgage broker online.

But times have changed.

EVERYONE is now searching for home loans and finance online. It means that all mortgage brokers should have some exposure to the digital channel – rather than relying purely on referrals.

Brokers can achieve this in many ways. Here are just a few ideas:

I hope you’ve found this article useful. Feel free to shout out with any questions.

Cheers, Darren



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