July 26

Wealthify founder launches lead generation course on new eLearning platform for SMEs


We’re proud to announce that our founder, Darren Moffatt launched a lead generation course on Nerds of Business (NOB), a new eLearning platform designed for entrepreneurs.

Since 2015, Darren has been the mastermind of hundreds of Wealthify campaigns that have generated multi-million dollar sales activity for clients and his own brands.

Now available, “Lead Generation Secrets” is the ultimate lead generation course for business owners and marketing professionals who want to generate leads for service-based businesses.

It is the complete step-by-step system you need for generating leads, on demand by launching winning digital campaigns, getting the leads flowing and banking the profits.

Darren will share the same system that he used to generate 200,000+ leads across Australia and New Zealand (although it works worldwide, in any country).

Students can learn how to effectively use paid media such as Google Ads and Facebook to generate a reliable, scalable flow of warm and hot leads.

The NOB course is recommended for business owners who want more leads hitting their inbox, marketing managers who want better quality leads, digital marketing agencies who want to train staff, entrepreneurs starting a lead generation business, or junior digital marketers looking to upskill and learn more.  

You can now enrol in the Lead Generation Secrets course, which is now on sale. Instead of paying the full price of $1,999 you can now start learning for only $749 USD for a limited time.

The course is also backed by a No-Risk Money Back Guarantee. You’ll have a full 100 days to seek a 100% refund.

Visit Nerds of Business to explore available courses.


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