December 7

Mortgage Broker Training Online Sales Course – new Wealthify product release


GOOD NEWS! We have just released a mortgage broker training online sales course called the Lead Conversion Essentials.

This course will help finance professionals like you learn how to increase mortgage sales, by converting more leads.

As industry professionals, we have been noticing that there is a huge gap in the market around how to interact with costumers and how to convert leads in the digital era.

Mortgage broker training online sales course

Why do you need the mortgage broker training online sales course?

Easy, because smartphones have changed everything lately.

More than 50% of Google searches happen on mobile devices!

We are aware that conversion is the #1 challenge for mortgage brokers & financial advisers and now, the digital channel is disrupting traditional sales and even referrals are getting harder to convert nowadays.

To be successful in this new sales environment, a new approach is needed to get more sales and this online course is the key.

Delivered entirely online, the Lead Conversion Essentials course has been developed by finance industry leaders to deliver the tools you need, the techniques you should master and really useful strategies you definitely need to convert more and more leads in the digital era.

Who is this online course for?

Specially finance professionals such as:

  • Mortgage brokers
  • Financial advisors
  • Finance brokers
  • Mobile lenders
  • Bank managers
  • Mortgage franchise groups
  • Mortgage aggregators

What will you learn in this online course?

  • The essential systems & tools you need to convert more finance leads
  • The truth about the ‘customer journey’ – and where you fit in
  • How home loan customers think, and what they want
  • The real reasons why you’re not converting
  • Quick actions to boost your conversion rate immediately
  • When – and how – to call finance leads
  • The mindset you need to be a top mortgage industry performer
  • How to ‘un-learn’ bad sales habits
  • Easy lead management systems that work
  • Ethical selling practices & elite conversion tips
  • And more…

To make it easier for you, we have structured the course in the following modules:

  1. Systems
  2. Customer Psychology
  3. Adviser Mindset
  4. Communication & ‘Selling’
  5. Lead Management

Do you want to know more about the mortgage broker training online sales course?

That’s how the course works:

Once you have purchased the course, you will get an individual (non-transferable) license to access the Wealthify Academy platform.

Wealthify’s online learning platform allows you to save & track your progress so you can complete the course gradually over a period of days or weeks in need. You can work through the course content in your own time, at home or in the office, whenever suits you best.

That’s what you will get for purchasing the online course:

  • 5 x course modules
  • 29 x video tutorials
  • 72 minutes of filmed content
  • 70+ e-learning slides
  • 4 x downloadable templates
  • 3 x audio recordings of sales calls
  • 5 x online assessments
  • Membership to Wealthify Academy site
  • Access to private online forum – connect with other students
  • PLUS five CPD points for both MFAA & FBAA

Please note: Bulk order discounts are available for groups and larger organizations – enquire here.

Finally, how much time will you need to spend on the online course?

The Lead Conversion Essentials course duration is five hours approx. and, as we said, at your own pace!

REMEMBER: both the MFAA & the FBAA have approved 5 x CPD hours for completion of the course. Students receive a Certificate of Attainment upon graduation, with the relevant CPD codes to claim credit for both the FBAA & MFAA CPD points.


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