April 23

Mortgage Leaders Ping Pong Championship


To all Mortgage Leaders:

Join Wealthify’s Ping Pong Tournament and win a free trip to Bali.

mortgage leaders ping pong championship

We are thrilled to launch the first-ever mortgage industry ping-pong competition.

Wealthify’s ‘Mortgage Leaders Ping Pong Championship’ is our initiative to celebrate the broker industry and ‘lighten the mood’ at a time of unparalleled regulatory and market change.

All mortgage leaders roll up your sleeves

It’s a tough time for the mortgage industry right now.

With the Royal Commission into banking, the Productivity Commission wanting to ban commissions, and a wave of digital disruption hitting brokers all at once we think it’s high time for some fun.

And nothing’s as much fun as Ping Pong!

The championship is a six-week long competition open to brokers, BDMs, and other industry leaders. It culminates in a grand final event, where the winner receives a free Bali holiday.

The early competition rounds will be held at the Wealthify offices in Sydney. Each round is a ‘sudden-death play-off’, but all players will receive a ‘goodie bag’ and an invitation to attend the final.

Also, the exclusive tournament in Sydney is likely to be followed by more in other states.

Open for reserves

We are also asking for any Sydney-based Brokers and BDMs who rate themselves as ‘ping-pong superstars’ to participate by registering for the reserves list.

We’re finalising our player list, it’s an interesting mix of emerging and established industry figures. You can expect some of the mortgage industry’s biggest names to appear.

Inevitably, we’ll need reserves due to illness or last-minute cancellations.

Anyone who wants a shot at ping-pong glory should get in touch with us.

Finally, for more information on the event, you can call us on 1300 41 00 81 or send us an email to [email protected]

See you in the playoffs!



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