June 10

Announcement: We’ve Rebranded Wealthify Lead Generation!


The team at Wealthify is thrilled to announce that we’ve refreshed our brand identity with new colours, new logo and an improved lead generation model. 

Wealthify’s new branding further communicates our mission to bring new customers to real estate brokers, home loan providers, financial services, and lawyers. 

Our Milestones 

We are proud of our achievements since we launched in 2016: 

  • Partnered with hundreds of brands in Australia to generate thousands of high-qualified leads
  • Featured in Australia Broker, Property Observer, The Adviser and other media outlets 
  • Hosted webinars for the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and other industry groups

But five years is long enough to freshen up not only our looks but also our value offerings. 

Our Brand New Logo

WebBuzz, our digital marketing partner, provided us with a new logo that is visually appealing but also exemplifies our focus as a ‘pay per lead’ agency. 

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Our Refined ‘Pay Per Lead’ Model 

We’re still using our proprietary process using inbound lead generation services, but we’ve refined our model to be a ‘pay per lead’ agency. 

We believe that this model is the future of lead generation. The demand for high-quality leads is unwavering, the government is getting more strict in protecting data privacy, and online platforms are continuously shifting gears.  

We’re Retiring Our Directory 

Wealthify started as a listing site for financial services in Australia. 

But we’re shutting down the engine to focus exclusively on our core business of lead generation. 

Our team will get in touch with brands who have listed their companies in the Wealthify directory. 

Moving Forward 

We’re very excited to work with good businesses who are helping people in a positive way. 

Our service is perfect for reputable Australian brands who are looking for:

We can also develop ‘custom campaigns’. If your business is in a different industry to those listed above, or you want to attract a very specific type of lead, then ask us for a quote on a custom campaign.

Connect With Us 

Got questions about the new Wealthify? Call us on 1300 41 00 81 or contact us.


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