July 13

Hot Google Lead Generation Opportunities in 2021


The Covid19 pandemic has upended many industries, including the financial sector. 

However, the crisis has also resulted in new consumer behaviours that businesses can take advantage of. 

For example, online behaviour increased significantly and despite restrictions easing out and economies gradually opening, people continue using online platforms to find products and services they need. 

By now, your business ideally should have a digital marketing plan, and if you are just putting together your strategy, you need reliable data as a reference. 

For mortgage brokers, financial advisers, and property marketers looking to generate leads the following insights from Google Trends provide valuable guidance on: 

  • Specific areas of the market to target for online lead generation
  • Specific areas of the market to avoid for now 

Some of the trends are expected, but many are surprising. 

1. Search queries for Home Loan Debt Consolidation are up.

During the early months of the pandemic, we noticed that the online interest in debt consolidation fell by 75%

But this year, the search queries in this area has grown 1000% in just seven months. 

Perhaps this area is gaining such high demand because people are now in debt distress as public and private initiatives are now recalled. 

Mortgage brokers should certainly consider launching debt consolidation campaigns to get a share of this in the home loan market. 

2. Financial Advice enquiries are up.

Data from Google shows a considerable spike in people looking for financial advice online. 

Australians are possibly looking for help online as they try to sort out their finances and adjust to the new normal. 

It is more likely that this trend will continue, so this is a segment that financial advisers should target for online lead generation

3. Investment Property enquiries are rising.

The news about Covid19 vaccines was first heard in November last year. 

With the successful roll-out of vaccination in Australia in the first quarter of 2021, Google search traffic for investment properties has steadily risen. 

The 150% growth is a good indicator that property investors are coming back into the market, and property markets should put this on their priority list for online lead generation

‘Pay per lead’ Lead Generation Services from Wealthify 

Take note that the data presented here are from Google Trends, and planning your digital campaigns require careful analysis and review of different factors. 

While the trends seem favourable, the success of your lead generation campaign will still depend on your target market, your offer, and the platforms you use for online marketing. 

At Wealthify, we use a combination of Google, Instagram and Facebook to find people online who are highly interested in seeking property, legal, and financial services. 

In 2020 alone, we have generated thousands of online mortgage broker leads and helped hundreds of mortgage brokers survive the pandemic. 

If you need help with lead generation, please feel free to call Wealthify on 1300 41 00 81 or email [email protected]


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